Maria’s New Blue Hair

Stunning super bright blue hair sent in by Maria:


Purple/redish is finally over after some months and for my bday I went for a full blue. I did 80% of highlights on my hair (white highlights, be careful since they damage your hair a lot). let my hair rest for 3 days and then applied Manic Panic Rockabilly blue. It was as the can said “strongest blue ever”. I have a really long hair but with half bottle was more than enough.
I already have 3 weeks with the color, went to beach twice, to pool 6 times and wash my hair a day-in-between and the only thing that fade were my roots. The hair took a really nice mix of tones that I’m enjoying. Completely recommended.
I add a picture of pre-bleach, day one (first wash), day 2 (second wash and pool), day 3 (third wash and pool) and week 3 after 2 more pool visits and 2 beach trips.
see ya!
Note: I also got purple haze from Manic Panic, just waiting for this blue to fade to try that one out 🙂
blue hair

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