Maria’s Hair Color Story

Gorgeous purple and blue hair color story from Maria!

So I did a lot of highlights at my dark/brown hair (took about 2 hours to bleach) and set the top-half of my hair purple and the bottom-half blue.
Blue went out really fast (like 2-3 baths) and a good tip to keep your purple for a bit longer is to get some Crêpe paper and put it into hot water and leave your hair in there for about 30min.

Colors i used are:

Exitenn – Azul Intense (intense blue)
Exitenn – F-Violeta (purple)

Note: I got a long time ago the “Frambuesa Tropical (tropical strawberry)” and after 3-4 washes change to an almost red color. Just a heads up.

For my birthday (in a couple of weeks) I will try a full purple/blue color, I will send some pics 😀

Greetings from Latin America!!!

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Week 1: 

maria's hair color

Week 2:

purple hair

Week 6: 

maria's hair color

Week 10: Everything is gone

maria's hair color

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