Cool Turquoise on tumblr submitted these two cool hair pictures. The first with turquoise hair:

This was achieved by pre-lightening my hair (bleaching) to a pale blonde. I then used La Riche Directions Turquoise to achieve the colour, I left it on for around forty to fifty minutes to allow the colour to process for a little while longer than recommend to enhance the depth of the colour itself.

To style it I rough dried my hair, then worked a texturising wax in with my finger tips and straightened it, then added more wax to add definition then finished with Got2B Glued hairspray. 

The second with this awesome turquoise with pink and purple:

Pre-lightened hair yadda yadda. 

I used La Riche Directions Atlantic Blue and Crazy Colours Pinkissimo, allowed it to process for longer than recommend and intentionally allowed “bleeding” for the purple-ish colour to develop.



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