Cool Tones

Loving theses cool hair color submissions in pretty cool tones!

I used Manic Panic’s hair dye in Atomic Turquoise ^-^
I left the dye on for 3 and a half hours and rinsed, but only used conditioner.
I wash my hair with cold water and its lasted me about a month.
btw my hair is in pretty good condition, and I’ve dyed it many times ;o

atomic turquoise

I used Adore Creative Image, Indigo blue; purple rage; hot pink.
The rest of my hair is white, I bleached my hair and started using shimmer lights 2 wash my hair and it made my hair lighter with a better tone c:

creative adore indigo

I bleached my hair twice and i dyed my hair purple then let it fade and i used shimmer lights, i left the conditioner on for about 20 minutes and i didn’t that every week and the color looks silver/pastel purple c: its so cute!

purple pastel hair color

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