Carrianne’s Hair

Gorgeous hair form Carrianne:

Special Effects Electric Blue,blue mayhem,pimpin purple.The pink is homemade with neon pink for coloring,using a moisturizing conditioner for consistency and more or less for desired color. I like liquid food coloring better,but gel ones work also. The light purples and teal were done the same way,food colorings & conditioners. For the dark fading into light, put dye on where you want to start from with a heavy amount,s aturate it with desired color, then comb from heavily saturated area to ends,d on’t add any more dye, just comb downward to desired tint.

These work best on bleached or blond hair. Adding a good conditioner to any Special Effects brand can also lighten shades to a desired color. The little bit of teal is also homemade mix of conditioner and food coloring more or less for shade. Also their are many new food dye shades, all natural & they last about 4-8 weeks, only fading! I like Nexxus ultimate moisture conditioner.

hair in blue pink and purple

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