The 35 Best Ombre Hair Color Trends for 2015

In 2015 the ombre hair color trend is still going stronger than ever, it has been here for a few seasons now and is still in high demand and extremely popular. Many women love this look because aside from being a head turner it is also very low maintenance, as the color starts further down the head towards the end of your hair, there are no root touch ups and it grows out beautifully. Ombre hair can be great for disguising split ends, creating fuller looking hair that is more dimensional, it gives a fresh and younger look to your skin and is effortless to style.

The ombre hairstyle originated in France and can now be seen all over the world. The great thing about this trend is that you can create the look in various different shades from brown to golden blonde, from ash blonde to white tips, a red ombre that goes from red to ginger, and more. Not to mention going for bright hair colors which opens you up to a world of hair color ideas and possibilities. Balayge or ombre hair is the natural evolution from the harsher dip dyed hair of the past few years, while dip dyed hair is awesome, ombre hair color provides a more office friendly alternative to hair dying.

Let the ombre/balayage hair color inspiration begin with 35 of the most in trend styles!

Actress Elizabeth Olsen has a beautiful soft carmel ombre hair color, a very subtle ombre that gives that sun-kissed look. This is a perfect warm ombre hir color that looks great on all skin tones.

Elizabeth Olsen's caramel ombre hair color

Elizabeth Olsen’s caramel ombre hair color

Very dark ombre hair that goes into lighter ashy darker blonde ends.

dark ombre hair into ash blonde ends

From dark ash blonde to ashy white starting from the middle of the hair to the ends.

blonde ash ombre

Dark ash and clear blonde ombre trend, great hair color for Fall.

Dark ash and clear blonde

Very long ombre hair styled straight.

very long ombre hari

Stunning caramel ombre hair color, this color will look fabulous on most skin tones and when styled in waves gives that striking summer beach hair look.

caramel ombre hair color

A lighter, warm caramel ombre in medium length hair.

midlength caramel ombre

Sombre highlights on wavy medium length hair.

sombre highlights

Very long brunette hair with blonde highlights that go into an ombre.

brunette highlights ommbre

Ombre that goes into pale blonde tips.

pale blonde ombre

An auburn warm brown at the roots to bleached blonde ends in a smooth color transition.

auburn to blodne ombre

Similar coloring to the picture above on shorter hair.

mid length ombre hairstyle

Curled blonde ombre on long hair.

blonde ombre on very long hair

Subtle, caramel ombre highlights.

subtle, caramel ombre highlights

Very long straight hair from brown to warm blight blonde.

very lon ghair ombre

Natural looking balayage ombre, not too warm not to cool… just perfect, created by well know hair stylist Guy Tang!

Natural looking balayage ombre

Balayage Ombre by Guy Tang.

Balayage Ombre by Guy Tang

Champagne ombre – Using 9pv 10v @Kenra Professional Professional Demi and base with 6aa7aa30vol lifted with 30vol with lightner.

champagne ombre

High contrast balayage/ombre, from very dark brown at the roots to very pale blonde at the ends.

High contrast balayageombre

Khloe Kardashian inspired ombre hairstyle.

Khloe Kardashian inspired ombre hairstyle

Beautiful balayage hair color from dark brown to light blonde tips.

dark brown to light blodne ombre

Light brown with blond ombre.

light brown with blond ombre

Subtle brown ombre hair color on long hair.

subtle brown ombre

Becky G glossy chestnut hair color at the ends of her satin brown hair.

Becky G brown hair color

“Hart of Dixie” and “The OC” actress Rachel Bilson’s stunning ombre mix of dark brown, mahogany and copper ombre hair color. Gives her skin a warm glow.

Rachel Bilson ombre hair

Warm brown ombre hair color on short straight hair.

Dark to Brown Ombre short straight hair

Medium length/short hair ombre.


Another version like the one above in a warmer tone.


Now that we have seen all the natural colored ombre variations, lets take a look at some brightly colored ones. So for the more daring – Bright ombres!

White ombre that goes into a pastel lavender using Pravana Pastels Luscious Lavender ~ via


Amazing copper to gold ombre on long hair ~ via


Pink reverse ombre ~ via


Brown to pink ombre ~ via


Purple waterfall braid, brown to purple ombre using Manic Panic’s Plum Passion ~ via


Brown to Alpine Green hair color using Directions ~ via


Brown to cool purple ombre using Pravana Vivids ~ via


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