DIY Ombre Hair

I asked for info from anybody who had self ombred their hair over on my tumblr: and received this awesome response from

Hi, somebody asked if anybody had ombrified their hair by themselves, and here I am 🙂

I started by watching lots of youtube videos, and a common method, was to apply the bleach on in 2 phases, for example if you want the Ombre to start at your ear, then you first put bleach on from your tips to halfway the length to your ears, and after 20-25 mins, you apply the rest on the whole length (ear-tips).

But I was scared of it looking unnatural because of lines inbetween the shades, so I did 4 phases to make it flow, and always applied the next phase after 10 minutes. So you start at the bottom, after 10 mins, apply more a little higher, and so on.

What didn’t work out too well is that I didn’t know how much bleach  would need, so I ended up left with a whole lot, that I could’ve used in the first phases, and that’s why on the underside of  my hair, it’s darker than on the outside, but to me it doesn’t matter 🙂 I like the way it came out.

I’m from Germany and I used Schwarzkopf Blonde Extrem Aufheller L1+, the second strongest one they have, it lightens your hair 5-7 shades, and my tips are a nice gold-blonde.

Any questions? 🙂

diy ombre hair

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