Electric Primaries

Hair stylist Linh Phan @bescene creates this amazing tricolored hairstyle in neon yellow, blue and pink with a high undercut. Electric primaries using #pravana Neons, Vivids, & the NEW #LOCKEDIN colors!

Silver to Lavender Hair

Gorgeous hair color that goes from silver at the roots to lavender created by Kelly O @hairbykellyo Tie-dyed hair?? Yes please! Hooked Dana up with some fun colour today! 💖💜💖 my little pony! #hairbykellyo Braids and vivid colours go together like cats and YouTube. 😘😘😘 …

Demi Lovato’s Pink Ombre Hair

Gorgeous blonde to pink ombre hair on Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato’s ever-changing locks are just as popular as her music. Starting out as a natural brunette, Lovato has tried every color imaginable — blonde, ginger, and blue just to name a few. We are loving this …